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About Laurel Johnson and Masterful Negotiation

Any time we rely on someone else to get what we want, we are negotiating.

From a baby’s cries for attention to a toddler’s tantrum or an adolescent outburst, we all have lots of practice negotiating poorly. And every day, whether it’s calling a plumber, planning dinner with a spouse, or making business decisions, we are constantly striking deals.

Stop practicing your negotiation skills in situations that cost you time, money, and relationships! Learn how to negotiate well, so you can get what you want without a fight.

Laurel Johnson is a successful entrepreneur and business broker based in Austin, Texas. She has been teaching the art of Masterful Negotiation for decades.

Her approach is not about manipulative tactics or pushing people around, but in knowing what you want, uncovering what others want, communicating effectively, taking the lead, and building meaningful relationships.

She’ll teach you how to disarm conflicts and instead form a team with “the other side,” reach mutual understanding of what everyone wants, and lead the negotiation toward a mutually satisfying outcome – even if it means ‘no deal.’

Laurel helps clients drop that tired back-story of fear and reluctance in negotiation and focus on the present moment. Her approach starts with preparing well, then cultivating a keen awareness of what’s really happening in the negotiation and how to ‘read between the lines’.  She teaches methods that help you stay calm even when things get heated, and how to lead – keeping the focus on the desired outcome rather than being the effect of your own flappable emotions or someone else’s tactics.

It is no simple challenge to drop a lifetime of bad negotiating habits, but with dedication and practice Laurel’s clients have overcome massive personal and professional obstacles to achieve great success.