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Become a Masterful Negotiator

The word “Negotiation” conjures images of conflict — a tug-of-war or an ugly battle with an inevitable winner and loser. We play the part of the bully or the naïve chump, the pushy salesman or the doormat, and nobody likes it.

But what if you could get what you want without a fight? What if you could stand firm and win every negotiation by neither pushing people around nor compromising your principles?

Laurel Johnson teaches the Art of Masterful Negotiation whose result is harmony — where both sides come away with their needs met and a deeper connection. And the good news is that you already know how to do it!

Here’s how the Masterful Negotiation practice of conscious communicating works:

  • Know what you really want
  • Learn to establish “Instant Rapport”
  • Be genuinely curious to find out what others want
  • Listen actively and connect
  • Be conscious of what everyone brings to the table
  • Get out of your own way (Your worst enemy in a negotiation is YOU!)
  • Then practice, practice, practice

Laurel coaches clients to become “outstanding seekers” rather than overbearing “tellers” of our own scripts. She shows us how curiosity leads to the goldmine of mutual understanding and peace. The result of a Masterful Negotiation is often a solution that neither side had ever even thought of!

Click below to watch this short video about Masterful Negotiation